Chilling time

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Who could judge you for taking the time? No one!

Stop running, it’s time to relax, soothe your body and mind with legal cannabis (CBD), and enjoy the moment. “Chilling Time” is a natural resin that carries with its taste and aromas. Indulge yourself, just a few minutes to “chill”.

Use for table decoration and olfactory.


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Everweeday resin is a manufactured product made from the organic fruits of “Sativa L” cannabis seeds. It is by harvesting the flowers and leaves of the plant that you obtain a delicately peppery and woody aroma and a sticky texture.

Packaged in a secure poptop with a sticky texture, all the aromas and virtues of Afghan CBD resin are pre-served.
Everweeday subjects each product to laboratory tests by certified organizations (issued after each order) ensuring a CBD rate <12% and a very low THC rate <0.3% - in accordance with European legislation.

Illegal to those under 18
Forbidden to pregnant women
No smoking

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3.5gr, 8gr


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