Feeling Good

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Far too long a day, looking the clock and thinking that the last time was 15 minutes ago but absolutely not?

“Feeling Good” is a relaxing and soothing CBD flower, it is an ally against stress and impatience.

It allows you to live a sensory experience that transports you without psychotropic effect.

Use for table decoration and olfactory.


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Everweeday chooses each CBD flower from Sativa L “Dynamite” cannabis seeds with delicacy and care. Grown “outdoor”, “Dynamite” flowers are 100% natural, grown without pesticides and without terpene and packaged in a single box, hermetically sealed, in order to preserve all the aromas of the plant.

Being able to ensure the quality and follow-up of Everweeday products is a commitment that we make thanks to laboratory tests by certified organizations (transmitted with each order).

These also ensure compliance with European legislation proving a CBD rate of <10% and a very low THC rate <0.3%.

Illegal to those under 18
Forbidden to pregnant women
No smoking

Weight N/A
Minimum weight

3.5gr, 8gr


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