Make sex

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CBD, sex and pleasure? The perfect combination! Known for its relaxing and soothing properties, CBD “Make Sex” is also an excellent aphrodisiac.

Cannabidiol acts on the brain and the body, causing a feeling of well-being.

Boosting your sex life, it intensifies pleasures, orgasms and lengthens the duration of intercourse. We agree that this is the best for your happy hour!

Use for table decoration and olfactory.


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Everweeday opted for sweet, fruity and sparkling notes when selecting CBD flowers from Sativa L “Straw-berry” cannabis seeds.

100% natural, cultivated in “indoor” guaranteed without pesticides and terpene, legal cannabis flowers benefit from a rate of CBD <6% and a very low rate of THC <0.3% - in accordance with European legislation. They are picked with delicacy and packaged in a single box, hermetically sealed, preserving all the plants’ aromatic qualities.

Everweeday places at the heart of its interests, the quality of its products as well as the stages of flower shoots, which is why each product is subjected to laboratory tests by certified bodies (issued when you order).

Illegal to those under 18
Forbidden to pregnant women
No smoking

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3.5gr, 8gr


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