Saturday Night Fever

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Have you also had a difficult year? Locked in, full of restrictions, seeing your social life reduced.

The flower “Saturday Night Fever” was developed for its stimulating properties. Let’s give our Friday and Saturday nights the notoriety they deserve.

Share moments together, enjoy being surrounded, get together around a flower, a scent and a moment of conviviality.

Used for table decoration and olfactory purposes.


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The CBD flowers, from cannabis Sativa L « Silver Haze » transport by their exoticism.
The mixed citrus notes make it possible to appreciate a unique olfactory experience.

Everweeday is committed to selecting 100% natural flowers, guaranteed to be pesticide and terpene free.
Grown « indoors », they are carefully harvested and packaged in a hermetically sealed box, preserving all the aromas of the plant.

Each of them is subject to laboratory tests by certified organization (sent after each order) proving that they comply with European legislation, i.e. a CBD rate <10% and a very low THC rate <0.3 %.

Illegal to those under 18
Forbidden to pregnant women
No smoking

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3.5gr, 8gr


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